Fedco Seed Catalog and Waiting

November 17th

Thanksgiving is about a week away and we here in Hull have not yet had a solid frost. The ten-day forecast does not predict a frost before Thanksgiving.


That is difficult news for me and other lovers of frost-kissed carrots. Over the past twenty or so Thanksgiving I have eaten really good homegrown carrots, not this year as I wait for the gift of frost on carrot flavor. It also is bad news as it is yet again another sign of the warming climate and the need for changes in how we eat and how we live.

Left to right middle step: radishes, turnips, rainbow radishes, carrots, cherry tomatoes, radishes, butter lettuce, collards top step: sorrel and chard, bottom step: carrot tops.

With the new pattern of seasons, the garden is different and the picture above is of the big harvest I had last weekend — a harvest I am glad of even though it has ominous undercurrents of future disasters.

I do have three cold frames going to extend the tender plants’ harvest and for seeds to grow for winter and early spring harvests.

Thinking of spring gets me to thinking about seeds and what should come in the mail today but my Fedco Seed Catalog. (You can use the link on “Fedco Seed Catalog” to request your own.) I love the catalog as it is its own bigger version of this blog. They on a much grander scale are doing climate work with sentences such as, “May you and your gardens thrive in the year to come, growing in beauty, durability and resilience!”

Nice to know we are in this work together with others and Carrot Day is a small piece of a movement to get more folks to grow their own food and to share the gift of land with others. Each small piece of work we do for our soil and our climate is a step. And we have to take the steps that we can.

I leave you with this gallery of pictures from our Hull garden and please let me know how your carrots are.

Please send pictures of your celebrations!

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