Boston Globe and Virtual Carrot Museum

There was a wonderful article in yesterday’s (04/19) online version of the Boston Globe. The author, Ysabelle Kempe, describes the work and goals of The Carrot Day Project beautifully. She explains that Carrot Day is a powerful effort to change the way people eat by encouraging a deeper connection to food. We think that being connected to the food you eat enriches your life.

A reader of the Globe saw the article and sent me a link to the Virtual Carrot Museum.
We are certainly not the first group to value the power of a really good carrot and this is an amazing site that I hope you visit. It is a treasure trove of information about carrots, their history, their cultivation and other people who are wild about carrots. If you want detailed advice on growing carrots this page of their museum is a good place to start.

It is not too late to request seeds for your garden and if you are interested please read the post titled Carrot Seeds.

3 thoughts on “Boston Globe and Virtual Carrot Museum

    1. Hi John,
      Yes Carrot Day Massachusetts still exisits. In fact we had Carrot Day Celebrations just this week and I am about to write up the newest posting. I would be honored if you would join us in anyway. I will put your email in my contacts for Carrot Day so you get the postings.

      I love your World Carrot Museum.


    2. Hi John,

      Yes we still exisit. In fact there were several Carrot Day Celebrations this week.

      I will add your email to my contact and include you in my emails that distribute the posts.
      I love the World Carrot Museum.

      The blog describes Carrot Day, but in short you plant carrot seeds, tend them, and then wait until after the frost to harvest “frost kissed carrots.”

      We do in schools and in home gardens and it is very decentrlized. Love it if it spread to the UK.


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