TV Interview, Schools and Now Is Great Time to Plant Your Winter Carrots!!!!!

Dear Carrot Friends,

Jonny Belber, Jane Hirschi and I have been getting some work done on Carrot Day Massachusetts 2019 and I would like to share a bit of news.

  1. Jane and I were just on a TV show from Newton MA called Innovation Showcase with Jay Sugarman here is the link.

Jay was a wonderful interviewer and led us in a wide ranging discussion of the connection of growing and using joy in education. Jay is not only an expert interviewer but he is well versed in K – 12 education having taught for 40 years in the Brookline public schools. The interview is 30 minutes and if you have the time I hope you watch it. Thanks Jay and Jane this was my first TV interview and you both made it fun.

Today the UN Climate Report came out with a new document that emphasizes the importance of land use, agriculture and diet on climate change something I talk about in the interview with Jay. Here is the link to the report.

2. Jonny and Jane have been been connecting us with schools and here is a list starting with districts and partners with many schools and finishing up with individual schools

Districts and Partners

CitySprouts: many gardens in Boston and Cambridge

Cohasset: Osgood School, Deer Hill School, Cohasset Middle School, and Cohasset High School

Hingham: South School, Plymouth River School, East School

Quincy: Atlantic, Lincoln-Hancock, Clifford Marshall, Point, Broad Meadows

Scituate: Cushing School, Wampatuck School, Hatherly School, Jenkins School, Gates Middle School, Scituate High School

Somerville: Groundworks

Weymouth: Academy Avenue, Murphy, Wessagusset, 

Individual Schools Codman Academy, Dorchester, Community Charter School of Cambridge, Cambridge, Derby, Hingham, Franklin School, Melrose, Old Colony Montessori, Hingham, Oxford Street Preschool, Cambridge, South Shore Educational Collaborative, Hingham, South Shore Charter Public School, Norwell, Tobin Montessori, Cambridge

3. Plant your “candy carrots” now!!!! Here is a link that gives a quick overview of what to do. The author summarizes how Elliot Coleman adds value and flavor by growing carrots with hoop houses, (cold frames work too,) up in Maine. We can certainly do it here in Massachusetts.

Please let me know how your carrots are growing. Please thin them and you can of course eat the thinning and be patient. Frost will come but it is not too late to join in the fun of Carrot Day Massachusetts.

Ted Hirsch

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