The Carrots are getting close

Dear Carrot Friends,

The fall is here. The nights are now easily outlasting the days and there is a chill in the air. The ocean temperature is approaching 50 degrees Fahrenheit (my favorite temperature for swimming) and starches in the brassicas and root vegetables are turning to sugars.  To see how flavors were coming along I have been periodically eating a carrot or two. The carrots have not been that good up until a few days ago. Then I pulled three small carrots and I am pleased to say they are starting to taste good. They were crisp and the earthy quality is blooming into a combination of earthy and sweet. My wife Katy and I thought they were almost there. 

The ten day forecast in eastern Mass shows us getting close to 32 but not quite, but in Western Mass you have already had frost or it is coming soon. I am getting excited to think a frost might come soon here in Eastern Mass. When it does and you harvest your carrots please fill in the Google Form and tell us when you pulled your carrots, how much you harvest (you can give us quantity and weight, or quantity or weight) and most significantly of all, how you celebrated the harvest and how the carrots tasted.  Please send me photographs and permission to post them on the blog.

Happy cold and happy harvest and happy eating and happy Carrot Day whenever you celebrate it.

Please fill out this Google Form for Carrot Day.

These carrots are getting close and were very good! But the ones still in the ground will get better.

3 thoughts on “The Carrots are getting close

  1. So excited for this harvest, small though it will be in our house. We have a tiny garden. But the carrots are already poking up a little bit to show their orange tops from under the soil. Thank you for the wonderful gift of Carrot Day in Massachusetts!!


  2. So excited. Today was the day we harvested all of our carrots. The first frost was yesterday morning, but couldn’t get to pulling them out of the ground until today. They are so sweet. Our lives have been made exponentially happier by participating in carrot day! Onto making carrot cake per the collective request of our children!


  3. Memorial Middle School 7th grade students harvested their carrots this morning in advisory. They were so excited! I loved hearing all the comments. ” These are really the carrots we planted? From those little seeds?” I don’t even eat carrots, but this is so good!” “I am going to plant these at home this spring!” The First Annual Carrot Day in Hull was a wonderful day; it was filled with happy faces. The current 6th graders are very excited for their turn to grow carrots next year. Thank you Ted!


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