The Frost Came and the Carrots Are/Were Good

Well, here in Hull Massachusetts, we did not have our first frost until November 8th. Seriously cold weather was soon to follow with 21 degrees F. the night of the 13th. Other spots here on the South Shore had frost about a week earlier and I got reports of post-frost Carrot harvests in Pembroke on November 2nd and Rockland on November 3rd. I want to thank all who sent messages in about your harvests. I am very excited about our first year and want to build on it for next year. I would love to share your pictures of your harvest. If it is just the carrots no need for permission but if there are people in the pictures please write to me at that it is okay to post.

Carrot Day at 41 Western Ave in Hull

I want to thank you all again and tell you what fun I had this year with this project. I want to say a special thanks to the Jane Hershi at CitySprouts, Jon Belber at Holly Hill Farm and Heather Weber at the Hull Public Schools and June Fontaine at South Shore Charter. Let’s keep promoting growing and eating our own food and supporting farmers who follow practices that put flavor and healthy soil above short term profit. I think the pictures in this post show some of the joy of Carrot Day. I just wish you could have seen the kids eating and talking about carrots for twenty minutes straight at the East End House of Cambridge. These kids made a wonderful celebration of carrot eating right after they picked carrots at the Hurley Street Farm it does not get any better than that.

Let’s change the way we all think about food one carrot, one garden, one school, one kid at at time. Happy Carrot Day!!

The carrot on the left was picked and then eaten on November 13th by one of the students in the East End House After-school Program in Cambridge MA.

The carrot was planted in June at the the Hurley Street Farm, an urban farm that is part of GreenCambridge. They donated garden space for me to grow carrots. Over the course of the summer and fall I tended these carrots and on 11/13 the students from East End House accompanied by Community Charter School of Cambridge students harvested 60 carrots. Back at East End House some of the Community Charter School of Cambridge students washed the carrots while others read the Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus. Then we had a Carrot Day Celebration with the staff
and students at EEH that was great fun and highly rewarding.

Leave a Comment and tell us about your Carrot Day and many more Carrot Days to come!

2 thoughts on “The Frost Came and the Carrots Are/Were Good

  1. We celebrated carrot day with our middle school partners. We actually cut up the carrots so kids could taste the different colored carrots after seeing the cool shapes they grew in. Our “Medusa” looking carrot was admired by all, especially the pair of kids who had to work so hard to pull it out of the ground! My kids bagged the remaining carrots in paper bags (4 or 5 to a bag) stating that the carrots were from SSCPS and will be donated to a local food pantry. Some of the remaining ones will be cooked by the older kids into carrot and kale soup which we will eat this week. Kids loved the carrots!
    Thanks for organizing the project, Ted.
    June Fontaine SSCPS


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