Carrot Day 2020

Dear Carrot Friends,

I am excited to be writing to you again. I hope you had fun growing, harvesting and eating carrots last year. We are set to do it again this year.

Last year we had dozens of schools and fifty families who let us know they had joined up to plant, tend, harvest and celebrate carrots. Who knows, we may have even more families and schools celebrate with us this year! While all of the carrots I grew have been eaten and the joys of carrot celebrations are over I hope that you, like I, still have fond Carrot Day memories.

The goal of this project remains the same: to grow, tend, harvest and eat carrots as a step toward a better tasting, better feeling and healthier life for ourselves and our local environment.

Why Carrot Day?

One rule of thumb is that flavor is a marker for nutrition; another rule of thumb is that when a child grows a vegetable that child is likely to eat it. I have seen homegrown carrots serve as an entry into eating all kinds of food, and a school garden altering the way a child grows up. Together let’s build habits and ways of gardening and eating that will endure, so that as individuals we counteract some of the harm we do in our daily lives.

With Groundhog Day marking the end of the darkest quarter of the year it is time to look forward to spring, summer and fall, and thoughts of carrots ahead. I am currently enjoying the process of ordering seeds. I get mine from a great group out of Maine, Fedco Seeds. If you want some excellent reading order their print catalog.

Happy end of winter and let’s start planning for Carrot Day next fall.

With love for you and carrots,


One thought on “Carrot Day 2020

  1. It was such a delight to see this in my inbox! Very much looking forward to this process again!
    All the best from the LaRosa family 🙂


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