Carrot Seeds

Happy March,

My goal is to send you a post every month between now and Carrot Day 2020. The big news this month is that the carrot seeds have arrived from Fedco Seeds. A little over a pound of them, which is lots of seeds, about 250 million.

Like last year I will be sending carrot seeds to the first 100 families or school who asks for them. To get your seeds please fill out the linked form. I have five different varieties and you can pick from them but I recommend the mix. Especially if you are gardening with kids the enjoyment of seeing exactly what each carrot looks like adds to the excitement of the harvest.

You will receive about 1000 seeds. That is enough to grow a 25 foot long row or, as I prefer, an 8 X 3 foot bed of carrots. After careful thinning, weeding and tending you should get about 100 carrots.

  • One of the reasons I order seeds from Fedco Seeds is the poetry of their operation. Quoted below is the message that came with the seeds, ” Dear Seed Lover, … Each order contains a riot of promise; each packet, so much food and beauty; each seed, a genetic history that carries the plant’s parentage and adaptations to all the conditions in which it has grown, and the knowledge of how to soak up water and sprout, how to send out roots and seek nutrients, how to unfurl leaves, how to seek sun and photosynthesize, how to form flower heads and fruit, then come full circle and form seed. … Happy Spring, Roberta Bailey, Fedco Seeds co-ordinator

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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