Mid September

For the first time when I woke up this morning there was a bit of chill in the air. The tomatoes are winding down from what was for my garden a below-average year, with some very good individual tomatoes but not the quantity we wanted and expected. Other news from the garden was better, as the cucumbers and beets have been exceptional and the arugula has been as reliable as ever, so I can keep my neighborhood name, “Arugula Ted.” Oh and the beds of carrots I tend (in four different locations) are looking good and plentiful.

I have been doing a little bit of selective pulling of carrots to give those that are left more room for growth in the next two months. These culled carrots have been good but only a hint of what they will become with the coming cold nights.

I want to thank Laney Siegner for the last Carrot Day post for raising the level of education and elevating the mission of Carrot Day to talk about carbon sequestration and doing what each of us can to slow the rise in global temperature that, because as we saw last year in Australia and now in the US is diminishing our earth’s resilience.

Keep doing all you can and know that in Massachusetts frost will come and the carrots will be good.

Love Ted

Young carrots culled on 09/12 to give their neighbors more room. The November carrots will be even better.

2 thoughts on “Mid September

    1. Hi Cliff,
      It depends how big you want your carrots to be but they will grow bigger with more space. So I would say 1.5+ inches on all sides when planted in a bed. Less is needed if they are in rows as there is all that space to the sides.


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