End of October

Well this will be the last Carrot Blog before the frost here in Massachusetts.

I hope that your carrots continue to grow and that we have a wonderful time on Carrot Day Massachusetts when it comes. One of the central joys of Carrot Day is that it is the weather and not a prescribed date on a calendar that selects the date. It is a nice to look forward to frost and while it is predicted to dip below freezing tonight on Mt. Greylock, the highest spot in Masscusetts, here on the coast frost and Carrot Day is probably at least several weeks away.

I have been getting carrot pictures from carrot friends this fall and the pictures above are two such examples. The photo on the left shows a fabulous carrot bed in Holbrook and on the right from a stove top in Rockland shortly after being pulled from the ground.

I encourage you to leave most of your carrots in the ground until the frost. Please document your own post-frost Carrot Day celebrations and I will include as many photos as I can in the next post.

Be well and keep gardening and eating vegtables with young folks.


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