Some of the people of Carrot Day 2020

Some of the carrots from Carrot Day 2020

Happy Carrot Day

I hope you enjoyed your Carrot Day celebrations and your carrot growing.

I had three different Carrot Celebrations, and loved every one.

May you have a great winter and may we all sow our carrots next spring, perhaps in solitude but here is hoping for big Carrot Celebrations next fall.

One of my favorite stories of this year’s carrot day is about the lone carrot on the bottom left of the carrot gallery. Here is what the farmer wrote about that carrot, “Here is the total result of my labors. Three carrot seed varieties, three plantings, netting, frequent watering, weeding. A carrot! I referred to it as the multitaskers carrot patch. Other challenges were drought and curious chickens.”

Please join us next year and while I love carrots, I close with this photo of me with a couple of beets and if you can put seaweed down on your garden in the next month or so your beets too may grow this big. As we take from the earth in harvest we should always give back more in compost and my favorite compost is seaweed. We are growing carrots and food but our real goal is healthy soil. May the love of a really good carrot build our soil and add to our lives, one child, one garden, one experience at a time.

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