April Eve

Here in Massachusetts it is officially spring and has been spring for a few days now. Two days ago I took these pictures of bulbs in our yard at 41 Western Ave in Hull. Our crocuses have never looked better and the chionodoxa lucilea flowers are also nice reminders of “the more” that is to come in April.

Other than the photographs included here, my only message today is that I hope you use the form below to order your free carrot seeds.

I am hoping to get 80 folks to sign up and we are at 25 now. Order your seeds here.

These pictures were taken on Monday. The cold frame kale is seen here in all its spring glory, and cold frame turnip is tempting too, but I think I will let the turnip get a bit bigger before I harvest it and well, the collards, I am just hoping.

I ate some kale leaves last night for dinner and they were unbelievably good. While collards are the heartiest of these three plants, not having the protection of a cold frame shows in their browns leaves. I am hoping I might get a few collard leaves anyway before this springs planting is ready to eat as the collards roots may have survived — time will tell.

May we all be kind to ourselves and give our collards and ourselves space and tolerance, every little bit that we give and produce matters.

Happy Spring and happy gardening.


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