June 1

Well it has been a  while since I last wrote and I hope you, your family and your gardens are doing well.

In May, Katy and I were blessed with visits from all three of our children and their partners. Each pair stayed for a little over a week  and we had lovely weekend overlaps. I am pleased to say the garden kept up with the crowd and fed us greens and radishes all month.

Yesterday I put carrot seeds in the ground and I am hoping to see them up and in about ten days or two weeks.  I planted them with rows of radishes in between as my mother advised me to do in my childhood gardening days.

Furrows for the carrot seeds (and a few radish seeds too)

It is not too late to plant post-frost carrots and I still have seeds to send out if you are interested and I would love to get closer to the goal of sending out seeds to 80 folks.  Here is the form if you want to order the seeds.

Be well and grow food if you can.

Carrots planted and protected from the cat by sticks with the flowers that surround the garden

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